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Flush Out Toxins & Rebalance Your “Thigh-Mones” 2x FASTER...

With Just 60-Seconds Added To Your TT30 Routines

Many people talk about getting in shape... Very few take action. You just did that, so take a moment to tell yourself: “Thank you.”

Obviously, you’re dead serious about making a lasting change and sculpting your thighs ASAP! Right?

That’s why I know you’ll be fascinated by this little ritual that rapidly flushes out harmful toxins and rebalances your thigh-mones, helping you look and feel more youthful each and every day.

This improves the balance of hormones like nothing I’ve ever seen before!

Here’s how it works:

The secret to balancing your thigh-mones FASTER is to deeply detoxify your liver.

I’ll explain how 4 special, 100% organic ingredients do this in just a moment. And WHY it’s so important for anyone serious about getting out of the "thigh-mone” trap.

But first... I’d like you to picture this...

You notice it's 2pm… your mind CLEAR, your eyes wide. Alert.

You smile. Breath. Relax. Realize you're overflowing with energy. You're a modern day Superhero. Unstoppable! YES!

You get home, undress and look in the mirror. Surprise!

You can visibly see slimmer thighs, but also notice those love handles melting away. You're not dreaming. You finally see REAL results!

Your spouse might even ask you...

“Are you working out?
Honey, you look amazing!”

Yes, most people notice these changes from a proper liver detox. And...

This is because your liver is working properly to rid your body of excess estrogens, harmful xenoestrgoens and other toxins.

Then the sun starts setting - your bedtime is coming soon...

You open your mouth wide, stretch your arms upward. Yawning deeply. You're actually tired, ready for bed…

Because deep restful sleep ALL through the night is natural for a person with a clean, healthy liver, you are SO ready to enjoy 8 hours of perfect, uninterrupted sleep. Amazing, right?

You're even MORE excited about that refreshed, alert, happy feeling when you wake up.

Ahhh, yes. You smile.

You just plugged into the revitalizing POWER of GOOD sleep. Yeah baby!

THAT is what you have to look forward to now…

All you need are these 4 special, 100% organic ingredients each day.

These 4 Ancient Liver Detox Herbs
Purge Plastics, Pesticides, & Chemicals...
Helping You Recover From Years Of Damage!

Power Detox Plant #1 - Silymarin

You might already know this “pesky weed”. It frustrates so many landscapers and garden lovers...

And it happens to be one of the most potent detoxifying plants on earth, used over 2,000 years ago by the Greeks.

The Greek physician and botanist Dioscorides wrote thousands of pages on the health benefits of silymarin as early as year 40 A.D.

Specifically, he knew the plant's powerful liver purifying properties.

Today, doctors know the liver is even more important.

Modern science affirms - The Great Dioscorides was right!

After dozens of clinical studies, Silymarin holds the First Place Trophy for liver detoxification because it blocks toxins from the liver. 55

Toxins from pesticides, plastics and chemicals might enter the body however…

Silymarin Shields Your Liver
From Chemical Attackers

Specifically, when properly extracted from the plant, the active compound Silybin covers the cells' membranes in the liver, making it more immune to toxic build up. 56

So go ahead… Celebrate!

Thanks to this ancient plant, your liver is fortified against the intrusion of “foreign invaders” of the Extremely Toxic Modern World out there. 56

It also is proven to clean up and clear out liver toxins like acetaminophen (Tylenol), alcohol, radiation, and other liver toxins like BPA plastic 57 that often causes estrogen to spike and force more and more fat on to your thighs.

I'll guess you are feeling more comfortable and safe now that you hold a shield protecting you against The Liver Destroying Giants, right?

Feel free to relax about your liver...

I'll show you how to take a correct dose of Silymarin in your 60-second ritual once you discover three more amazing detoxifiers.

Power Detox Plant #2 - Triphala

Triphala means “three fruits”. It's considered “medicine of the Gods” in India. It's been trusted by ayurvedic doctors for over 3,000 years.

And for good reason…

Legend has it, Acharya Charak the founding Father of Ayurveda once said:

“Once a doctor understands how to properly prescribe triphala, he or she can heal any disease.”

-Acharya Charak, year 300 B.C.

Sounds like a tall order, right?

Well, Guess what...

Modern clinical study confirms: it does detoxify, clean, and repair our liver. 58

To silence skeptics, The Journal Of Aryuveda and Integrative Medicine published a double-blind clinical study proving the ancient healing power of Triphala is 100% effective in protecting our liver from toxins.

By all means, take a peek inside the study for yourself:

Pre-treatment with Triphala extract at 100 mg/kg and 300 mg/kg body weight exhibited a significant (P < 0.01)

 hepatoprotective activity… gives an evidence of the protective role of Triphala extract against paracetamol-induced hepato–renal toxicity. 59

In plain language that means, Triphala extract successfully protected liver cells and kidneys against toxins.

Because Triphala is such a potent superherb that protects our liver, that means it also helps balance hormones.

Because you are paying close attention here...

You already know what happens when your liver starts working properly again to balance your hormones, don't you?

Scientific Clinical Study Proves...
“Triphala Reduces Abdominal Fat”

Yep! You start shedding unwanted weight.

A study conducted by The Biological Sciences Department at Birla Institute of Technology and Science revealed everything.

Because Triphala purges the liver of toxins, it resets our hormones, potentially reducing fat around our midsection.

From the study:

The present findings suggest that triphala and its constituents can counter the effects of an environment (ie, high dietary intake of fats) and have the potential for use as antiobesity agents with desirable lipid-profile modulating properties. Triphala and its constituents ameliorate visceral adiposity...

😂 Um… English translation, please?

That's a science nerd's way of saying… scientific clinical study proves that Triphala reduces belly fat. 61

Incredible what these ancient “three fruits” can do for you, isn't it?

Power Detox Plant #3 - Dandelion Root

Here's a magical plant that's been trusted by Russian folk physicians since the year 900 A.D. to prevent and reverse liver disease.

From the flowers, stems, and leaves, all the way down to the roots - every single part of this plant has liver detox powers.

You might think it's a pesky weed…

False. Dandelion is a miraculous medicine we need to take seriously IF we want to purge our liver of xenoestrogens. 62

Finally modern medicine has caught up with ancient Russian wisdom. It only took a thousand years!

A study published in The Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science praised Dandelion Root for its hepatoprotective (liver shielding) properties … and its ability to purge a fatty liver FULL of decades of toxic sludge.

Sure enough, the study confirmed:

Dandelion has been tested against various drugs and chemical induced chronic liver diseases in experimental animals and came out with promising results. In vitro studies also confirm the hepatoprotective, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of dandelion. 

Taraxacum officinalis or dandelion appears to be safe and the available evidence on the mechanisms of action appears promising. 63

When taken in the correct dosage along with a proper detox ritual, dandelion is a dynamic detoxifying agent. Keep dandelion in your belt as one of four weapons against TOXIC pesticides, plastics, and chemicals.

Sound good? Good.

Now, let's look at the fourth and final weapon in our arsenal against the Giants Of Liver Destruction.

Power Detox Plant #4 - Altilix

We've saved the most impressive liver shielding plant for last. And WOW, does it have some amazing healing properties...

Ancient Roman Royals and Greeks paid doctors top dollar for this robust liver and gal-bladder purifier...

During the Middle Ages, wealthy Europeans were more than happy to open the wallet for this strong liver ally. For good reason... 64

It's called Altilix. You might recognize it as Artichoke.

But, the extract is very different than what you buy at the grocery store - it's far more concentrated and specifically formulated for liver protection.

Once again, our ancestors were onto something!

Contemporary science validates the efficacy of Altilix to prevent and reverse liver disease. 65

Open up this recent issue of The Journal Of Experimental Toxicology & Pathology...

Inside you'll find this study. It explains why The Elite class of Rome, Greece, and England would invest a small fortune to add Altilix to their medicine cabinet…

The researchers noted that Atilix blocked known liver toxins from harming the liver - making the liver safe, successfully preventing injury, and disease. 65

AMAZING how the right plant can save your liver, don't you think?

Another trial conducted at Molecular Pathology and Ultrastructure Laboratory at Regina Elena Cancer Institute found that Altilix could not only protect the liver from aging and toxic stress…

Altilix can actually force liver cells to SHED excess fat. 66

You know what this means, right?

Altilix can help reverse fatty liver... ERASING any liver “Warning Spots” you might have for good. It can even help you lose body fat... if that's been your goal for a while now.

For that, Altilix is probably worth trying, don't you agree?

There you have it…

You've heard the ancient folk tales…

You've seen the modern day clinical evidence…

You probably feel excited...

...even feel comforted knowing there's a simple way to say GOODBYE to the symptoms of Modern Liver Damage:


Look over your shoulder and laugh at them. They're distant memories now.

You're free to relax about your liver now, if you so choose.

Long story short...

You Can Erase "Toxic Sludge" Found In Your Liver & Feel ALIVE Again With These 4 Detoxing Ingredients

Yes, pollution, toxins, herbicides and pesticides are everywhere.

They hide deep in our organs. Scientific research has confirmed this 100%.

And yet, there is a way for YOU to be in control. Finally, YOU get to protect your liver against the modern world with these Four Liver Defense Herbs and one gentle liver defense ritual.


Organifi Liver Detox
Wipe Away Warning Spots
Repair Your Hardest Working Organ

Forget hunting in the forest for days trying to find these liver saving herbs…

Relax. My friends over at Organifi did that for you already.

This unique formula arms your liver in the fight against toxins. Putting a suit of armor around your liver each time you take a capsule.

Organifi combined the most trusted, and most researched liver defense herbs; Silymarin, Triphala, Dandelion Root, and Altilix.

Each with the exact dose for optimal absorption in the average adult.

Here's the rush of vitality you'll feel from your daily Liver Detox...

----Child-Like Mood----

😀🌈😆💖 Ahhhh feel that? With balanced happy hormones, your heart opens up WIDE, leaping with joy. 33

Your heart is a small child skipping through a meadow, laughing out loud, collecting Spring flowers. Wow… Such a celebration of LIFE! So happy... for no reason at all!

---Unbridled Stallion Energy--- 18

You’re going to have so MUCH energy left to burn off! Going for long walks, hiking for hours.

Feeling like you can do anything Or just keeping up with your kids without feeling worn out afterwards! It can all feel possible again.

---Age With Beauty And Grace--- 53

👵🌄⏳ Your clean, strong liver works hard for decades to come.

You start to notice your skin and hair looking more clear and youthful... And your friends start saying, “You look good! what are you doing?”

Think about it…

After your deep liver detox, you're free to follow-up and do it again 60 days later. Or simply take one capsule daily to maintain liver protection.

As always, the choice is yours.

By now, you're probably wondering…

How Much Is This Limited Supply
Of Organifi Liver Detox?

The key to losing lower body fat is restoring the balance between your thigh-mones: estrogen and progesterone.

You now know this. But...

To get the balance back on track quickly we need your liver to get rid of excess estrogen found in your fat cells! 

Unfortunately, when your liver is congested and backed up with "toxic sludge" it can’t flush out excess estrogens or other estrogen mimicking toxins properly.

Instead, these estrogens gets pushed back into your bloodstream and soaked up by  those greedy fat cells in your hips, butt and thighs.

In today's modern society we are bombard with hundreds of toxins every single day.

As a result, fat and toxicity begin to build up in the liver...setting the stage for a wide range of health issues, such as hormonal imbalances and weight loss resistance.

Yes, hello 'thigh-monal' weight gain!

The good news is that the diet and lifestyle guidelines inside TT30 will get help get things back on track, but at the same time I know you want rapid results, which it's so important to give your liver some extra love.

Fortunately, I’m good friends with the founder and team over at Organifi. I told them that I desperately wanted to give my TT30 customers a deal you just couldn’t say no to.

And boy, did Organifi deliver...

You’ll see below that they’re offering an incredible Buy 3, Get 3 Free special for TT30 customers only!

Before you scroll down and take a look though, ask yourself...

“Can I even put a price tag on my health?”

I don't think so.

Go ahead, choose the Organifi Liver Detox option that's right for you.


Because Organifi locked in this steal of a deal just for their closest friends, this is probably the only time you’ll see Organifi Liver Detox at a remarkable price. This is a one-time special offer that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Hey, I think Organifi Liver Detox is great (I'm obviously biased).

And you don't have to take my word for it…

Here's what you'll hear our verified customers Frances, Cherice and Sean saying about Organifi Liver Detox:

Our 100% “Send The Bottle Back Empty” Satisfaction Guarantee...Right Down To The Last Capsule

That's correct.

If you don't experience breath-taking results from your 10 day detox… I can't possibly accept your investment. I'd feel awful knowing I let you down.

Please, return the bottles - even if it's totally empty - and I'll refund your purchase in full. 

No questions asked, and we can still be friends!

Just so you know, this has never happened yet. It probably won't!

Don't wait to enjoy the benefits of a proper liver detox.

We have a limited supply and can't guarantee it will be available tomorrow.

Grab your 3 bottle order of Organifi Liver Detox right now.

Fight back against the toxins of our modern world that threaten your health, life, and well-being.


Because Organifi locked in this steal of a deal just for their closest friends, this is probably the only time you’ll see Organifi Liver Detox at a remarkable price. This is a one-time special offer that you won’t find anywhere else.

Individual Bottle



+ $7.95 shipping

Regular Price: $49

Super Saver Best Price

Order 3 Get 3 FREE!

SAVE 49%


+ $12.95 shipping

Regular Price: $294

Order 2 Get 1 Free

SAVE 34%


+ $7.95 shipping

Regular Price: $147

No thanks, I’ll pass on this offer for now

(WARNING: This Offer Is Only Good While You're On This Page)

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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